Dave McKeown, Die Triangle and 200 more in an acoustic collaboration! just listen and drop a comment!

SOUNDCLOUD! Dave McKeown with 200 of YOU and nothing else!...please read description by Dave McKeown

Hi everyone!...can I just start with a serious recommendation?…NEVER get on a cross channel ferry without a good book or an mp3 player…otherwise, like me, you’ll end up staring out to sea in the middle of the night, half way between Le Havre and Portsmouth, cooking up ridiculous plans for mass collaborations on Soundcloud.
Anyway, here is the result, your big Soundcloud collaboration, featuring 230 samples from 200 contributors associated with 176 different Soundcloud accounts in 38 different countries. Lists of contributors and countries are found at the bottom of this introduction. I might be able to find you if you can't find yourself, but it will take me a while...suffice to say, I'm in there myself and I was never once aware of hearing my own voice when I was making the track...even though I know it's there.
This was always meant to be a project that celebrated the international creative community that is Soundcloud but I quickly discovered that if you ask people to contribute, they very quickly make it their own. The contributions included children from all over the world, two dogs, some lovely vocal lines, whispers, growls, and, all the way from the Phillippines, Gnetsound’s beautiful song that you hear at the beginning; her words are the most perfect summary of what Soundcloud is all about for so many of us.
Frank sent me recordings despite being literally up to his ankles in the Bangkok floods, Sophie Cabana sent me Niffy’s bark…Niffy the dog was gravely ill and had been Sophie’s faithful friend for 16 years, Paul Sale rounded up his entire family, circle of friends and his dinner guests from Burundi, Mark sent me recordings of his twin sons, then told me that, born prematurely, they had taken years to speak, and I realised what a precious sound I had been entrusted with. My own little boy Isaac is in there, and my older daughter Siobhan as well, though she’s got her own Soundcloud account and a musical life of her own...in fact she is the one who introduced me to Soundcloud a year ago.
Technically, the track is 100% your voices….I’m not sure I should say who’s a hihat or a kick drum! My old PC just couldn’t cope, so it was all done on my Macbook with Reason 6, using 16 virtual samplers, each loaded with a sample assigned to each key, individually classified, edited and panned. The main problem apart from the time involved, was the fact that the bite point for each sample was not at the beginning of the wav, so quantising was useless and all notes had to individually played and dragged around until they were rhythmically where they needed to be.
Anyway, it’s been a huge amount of fun….I just finally want to say thank you to the Soundcloud Community Team for really getting behind the whole idea…these guys are doing a great job in general…big thanks also to Geoff and Pete for their technical input....and of course a MASSIVE shout out to all of you for taking part….it’s been a real life-affirming experience.
Much love and respect

Dave McKeown, dietriangle and 200 more!

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