Human Frequency: Ignorance is the Solution

Well 7 years are gone!
I was just seventeen when with Stefano Stereo I started producing music (let’s say noise).
We met almost all the afternoons with the purpose of studying but we realized quite soon that our main interest was a basic thing: Make some noise. Back in the days we were fascinated (and still nowadays) by the music of Mr. Aphex Twin and many others composers/musicians that pushed us to put in music what we were used to express in other ways (drawing, crashing, imaginating).
So, we started recording some samples with an old music cassette recorder and an external dynamic microphone (from canta-tu). Afterward all the sounds were elaborated and structured with Fruit Loop. We never cared about the quality of the sound (later on it became an important thing of our lives seeing that we graduated as sound technicians ) we were tired about everything and we just wanted to make some music.
Human Frequency is the result of that sperimental period about music, art, concepts, (alcohol) and a new way of thinking.
That’s it. Thanks Stereo!


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